Our mission: fueling lifelong passions
We believe passion is built and maintained through learning. That's why we love tech: it's going really fast, so every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

But when you really work in that field, you realize that keeping up is no fun: we're basically drowning in content. You could follow this Twitter account, this newsletter, this subreddit, this blog, this news website, this LinkedIn group... But at the end of the day you may only have time to read one article, so which one are you going to pick?

Tech professionals often like to do things well, so a majority pretty much gives up on keeping up. However, it's often the best way they have to keep learning, get better and stay passionate. Online courses usually offer basic content and can't teach you much about your own field. Conferences might help you once a year.
Our objective: finding great content
Guillaume Chevalier
Audric Albaret
Kartik Adavane
When we worked as cybersecurity consultants and we needed Feedlestack, it wasn't there. So we built it. We've designed it so that it would be the last feed tech professionals would ever need. By showing our users great content, we want to empower them to learn on a lifelong basis, to establish credibility in front of coworkers, partners and clients, or to build their personal brand.

We are a growing team of passionate individuals founded in 2019, driven by the great things that can be done through knowledge. We work hard everyday to make sure you can rely on Feedlestack to easily find the greatest content out there on the web.
Frequently asked questions
  • What kind of sources do you actually follow?
    A lot of our sources are Twitter accounts we have selected. Twitter is fast, the tech community loves it, and you really get the pulse of the web there. We follow the best newsletters as well to aggregate all their curation work. We complete the feed with some subreddits, a few blogs, Medium of course, and many others.
  • How do you know which sources to pick?
    We have a team of moderators who are experts in their field. They are actual professionals who decide of the subdomains, find and maintain the sources, and ensure the quality of the feed. They follow strict, formalized processes to ensure only quality sources are added to Feedlestack.
  • Can I add my own sources?
    The point of Feedlestack is that we take care of that for you. As the sources are shared for all of our users, our role is to be extremely careful about what we select. If you believe we might be missing something, please contact us to suggest a new source.
  • Do you have offers for enterprises?
    Of course! We want to empower enterprises to build teams of passionate individuals. Just contact us at contact@feedlestack.com while we build the enterprise dashboard.
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