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Each write-up you read, each tool you discover makes you a better expert. That's called microlearning. So we've decided to make the absolute best cybersecurity feed.

Instead of selecting articles for you, we select people. We've handpicked the very best cybersecurity newsletters, Twitter accounts, subreddits and blogs. Our platform correlates their posts, likes, comments and shares to show you what's on the mind of the top experts on the web.

We've reviewed thousands of sources, and today about 300 super curated ones are being followed in Feedlestack.

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Selected sources continuously reviewed by
Application Security
Awareness and Training
Breaches and Threats
Cloud Security
Data Privacy
Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Governance and Management
Governments and Geopolitics
Identity and Access Management
Industrial Control Systems Security
Internet of Things Security
Laws and Regulations
Mobile Security
Penetration Testing
Security Operations Center
Your job is unique
A pentester doesn't want to read the same thing as a CISO. Pick a predefined profile, or set your preferences based on what you love and what you work on. Enjoy your instantly customized feed.
All news are not equal
All links are prioritized based on how much they were commented, liked and shared by the best subject matter experts of your field. If you have time to read only one article, you're sure this is the best available now.
News feed + tweets = 🖤
The discussion always happens on Twitter. Get more context on each story with tweets from our selected experts. You feel the pulse of the web community with the smoothness of reading online newspapers.
Never miss a thing
We notify you about anything trending in infosec, so you're sure you don't miss any important stuff. Feedlestack sends you the needles in the haystack.
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What people say about us?
Faiz Djellouli
We use Feedlestack enterprise-wide to keep up with latest threats and defense techniques. After a 5-minutes setup of Feedlestack, we had a better news follow-up process than most of our competitors.
CEO and co-founder at Holiseum, cybersecurity consulting services, former CISO at Engie Group
Alexandre Fernandes
My schedule is getting busier every year. When I open my Twitter or my Feedly account once a week I get submerged by dozens of articles that I don't have time to read. I love that Feedlestack does the prioritization work for me.
Associate director in a consulting firm
Raphaël Frisch
It's hard for me to do things in a sub-optimal way. When a newsletter tells me these are the top 5 stories of the week, I can't help but notice this other newsletter chose 5 others articles. Feedlestack helps me stop my FOMO as I know everything is there.
Senior penetration tester
Frequently asked questions
  • What kind of sources do you actually follow?
    A lot of our sources are Twitter accounts we have selected. Twitter is fast, the tech community loves it, and you really get the pulse of the web there. We follow the best newsletters as well to aggregate all their curation work. We complete the feed with some subreddits, a few blogs, Medium of course, and many others.
  • How do you know which sources to pick?
    We have a team of moderators who are experts in their field. They are actual professionals who decide of the subdomains, find and maintain the sources, and ensure the quality of the feed. They follow strict, formalized processes to ensure only quality sources are added to Feedlestack.
  • Can I add my own sources?
    The point of Feedlestack is that we take care of that for you. As the sources are shared for all of our users, our role is to be extremely careful about what we select. If you believe we might be missing something, please contact us to suggest a new source.
  • Do you have offers for enterprises?
    Of course! We want to empower enterprises to build teams of passionate individuals. Just contact us at while we build the enterprise dashboard.
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